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Driving from Antalya-Alanya

Bahattin Uysal can be contacted on sms or phone: (009) 0533 323 16 68 E-mail:

Do you need a transport from the airport in Antalya to Alanya, or the area around Alanya, then send a sms with the following informations:


Your name + flightnumber + time of arrival, then I will stand in the airport ready to pick you up.


You will not be picked up in my Taxi, when this could give some problems with the other taxidriveres at the airport. On the other hand, you will be picked up in my very new car (see the picture). You can be up to 8 people, it is also possible to change some of the seats into a little bed, then the children can sleep doing the ride, if you are arriving late at night.


The price from Antalya to Alanya is for 4 people Euro 60 (single tour). If you are more people then the price will be a bit more, but give me a call and then we can have a talk about it. There are also many people that ask me about co-ordination with others. I am very often in the airport – sometimes several times per day – so give me a call, then we can see what we can figure out. Let me know if you need child car seat.


Of course I will also take care of transport back to the airport, when you are going home again.


speak english, so do you need any information or help in Turkey, then just call for me.


I also drive different tours in the area, for example to the castle, waterfall, the caves and many other plases. Do you have som specific wishes, like for example if you would like to go to a child-friendly beach, then i also can handle that.


I am looking forward to hearing from you....

------------------------- Bahattin Uysal kontaktes på sms eller telefon: (009) 0533 323 16 68 -------------------------
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